Golden Retriever puppy breeders in Montana.

Golden retrievers puppies out of Montana breeders

English Golden Retrievers & American Golden Retriever breeders producing beautiful puppies with blocky heads, large bones & full coats in Montana.


Reputable Golden Retriever breeders where health & temperament come first.  No in-breeding ever.

American Golden Retrievers are included in our breeding program to produce georgous fluffy coats that most English Golden Retrievers lack. We take pride in our program & produce only the best quality.

Whether American Golden Retrievers or English Golden Retrievers, both are gorgeous, large, energetic dogs. They're the world's foremost family pet & companion. They are sturdy, well proportioned dogs, well known as hunters on land & in water but also make loveable, polite, but also highly intelligent pets. A sweet, eager to please, devoted family companion but do not do well if left alone for extended periods of time or they will become mischievous & destructive. They're always gentle & patient with children, friendly & around other pets.


We love to show off our dogs and invite you to come and visit with us and our beautiful Montana Golden Retrievers. Please call ahead to arrange a visit as our schedule is very busy so we need to know in advance when you want to visit. Our dogs are not kenneled, they have large yards with indoor insulated, heated and air conditioned housing. Each yard has a horse trough in the summer to cool off in.




We have one adult for sale CLICK HERE


Follow Watson on instagram. A Lulu Benny puppy

CLICK HERE to see Fergus, an LL Bean fashion model, a Lily/Higgins Golden Retriever puppy.


We now offer obedience training through Perfect Puppy Obdience.


 Space is limited


Golden Retriever Puppies in Montana

We welcome and encourage visits.
Tom & Heidi Elkinton
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Located in Stevensville close to Missoula Montana