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We provide Golden Retriever puppies for SERVICE DOGS FOR CHILDREN so temperament is a priority.


AKC Golden Retriever puppies & dogs for sale located in the Missoula Stevensville area. Highest quality Golden Retriever breeders offering a four year health guarantee.


Reputable Golden Retriever breeders where health & temperament come first.  No in-breeding ever.

American Golden Retrievers are included in our breeding program to produce georgous fluffy coats that most English Golden Retrievers lack. We take pride in our program & produce only the best. Extreme health testing done on all breeding stock including Dna test for PRA1, PRA2, ICT and MD

Golden Retrievers are the world's foremost family pet & companion. They are sturdy, well proportioned dogs, well known as hunters on land & in water but also make loveable, polite, but also highly intelligent pets. A sweet, eager to please, devoted family companion but do not do well if left alone for extended periods of time or they will become mischievous & destructive. They're gentle & patient & friendly with children, & other pets.





Follow Watson on instagram. A Lulu Benny puppy

CLICK HERE to see Fergus, an LL Bean fashion model, a Lily/Higgins Golden Retriever puppy.


Golden Retriever Puppies in Montana

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