Dogwoods Aren'T You Wonderful
Newsong's Jazz
Am/CanCH Chien D'Or's Some Kind Of Sweetness CGC
Chien D'Or's Wintermoonlight
Am./Can. CH Wylwind Mihran Time 'N Space Am./Can.CD
Sugarbush's Chien D'Or Penuche Moon
Sugarbush's On Wings Of Love
Ch. Carlin's Holiday A Xmas Carol OS
CH Sugarbush Poetry In Motion
Trailsend Kylemore Abbey
Am./Can. CH St Andrew's Own Gran Prix
Am. Ch. Faera's Future Classic OS
Prairie's Tuff-Nutt Miner OD
Wylwind Mona Christine
Can. CH Lislone Lochinvar
Am CH. Wylwind Auntie Em CD
Aruba Of Painted Meadows
Sir Golden Theodore Bear
Am/Can CH. Goldwind All The Right Moves OS
Am/Can CH. Freedom's Celebration OS
Can Ch Synergold Goldwind Rhiannon GRCA & GRCC OD
Hardcase Diamond Lil
Am. CH Sunbrave Double E Hardcase
Boulion Here Comes Tidlywink
Coopers Kaleidoscope Daydream
Am. CH Amberwood's Off To Paradise
Laurell's Saturday Night Live
Shianne Of Glenwood
Indian Acres Joshua
Glenwoods Golden Abbey
Dogwood Mollie's Darlin'
Sir Reginald XXXll
Dogwoods Splashdown
Beauregard Don Juan
Son's Beloved Brewster Boy
Cowboys Blond Beauty
Dillon's Jazzmine
Marlett's Dillon
Hillcrest Ginger
Dogwood Hannah
Celia's Dudley Bearett
Ranier's Studley Dudley
Celia's Sassie Maggie
Dogwoods Sassy Sissy
Logos Heart Breaker
Unsinkable Mollie Brown
Dogwoods Fun Lover
Justmoor Phame And Phortune
Am/CanCH Pioneer's Battle Of Jericho
Can. CH OTCH Daystar's Bold Confederate OS
Pioneer's Elizabeth Of Tigger OD
Am Can CH Justmoor Maybe It Was Memphis
BIS BISS Am/Can CH Rush Hill's Haagen-Dazs CDX JH AX OAJ WCX VCX OS SDHF; Can. CD, WC
Can CH Goldsmith's Justmoor Skye High Am Can OD
Dawnhaven's Deja' Vu
Dawnhaven's Double Or Nothing
AM/ MEX CH Desertheir's Stuffed Shirt
Dawnhaven's Heat Wave
Dawnhaven's Dream Catcher
Am. CH. Sunshine Hill's Nat'l Cowboy OS SDHF
Dawnhaven's Reeboks

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