Little Flowers Blooming Tika
Riverbend's Southern Talk
Dynasty's Talk Of The Town
Am CH. Faera's Future Classic OS
Am CH Asterling's Buster Keaton OS
Am. CH Birnam Wood's Mountin' Ash OS
BISS BIS Am Can CH Amberac's Asterling Aruba OD SDHF
Am CH Faera's Puppy Kidd OD
Am. CH Goldwing True Bear OS SDHF
Am CH Faera's Digger The Dawg OD
Dynasty's The Cats Meow
Am./Can. CH. Faera's Done In Triplicate CD, SDHF, OS
Am./Can. CH. Asterling's Wild Blue Yonder OS SDHF
Am CH Faera's The Keepsake Kidd OD
Balmoral's Rode'o Drive CD
Am/Can Ch Miramichi's Pier Connection OS
Am. CH Sunshine's Petit Fours OD
Riverbend's Bewitched
Am./Can. CH. Amberac's Mesmerizing Mickey OS
Am CH Signature's Sound Barrier OS
BISS Am CH Asterling Go Getm Gangbuster OS SDHF
Rosewindi Write The Songs OD
Am. CH. Amberac Isshe Myne OD
BIS Am CH Asterling Austin-Healey OS SDHF
Am Ch Amberac's Krystacokin OD
Am/Intl CH Riverbend's Cabaret
CH Sunshine's Karamor Bookmaker CD OS
CH Golden Light Always On Top OS
Rosewind's Sunshine Carolina OD
Riverbend's Classic Burgundy CDX OD
Jenlyn's Point to Point
AmCH Hillside's Nickelodean CD
Risa's Sweet Dreams of Summer
Wingates Kidd Cheese Packer
BISS Am. Ch. Summits Crocodile Rock OS SDHF
Am. CH Summits Limited Edition OS SDHF
Am. CH Thornelea's Unintentionally CD OS CGC
Adagio's Summit Sonic Wave OD
BISS Am. Ch. Summits Mysterious Ways OD SDHF
BIS BISS Am. CH Suntory Loveit A Cherrybrook VCD1 CDX JH OA WC OS SDHF
Am CH. Summits Mystic Rhythms SDHF
CH. Wingate's Kiss Me Quick OD
BIS BISS Am/Can CH Signature's Natural Wonder OS SDHF CGC TT
Am. CH. Sunshine Hill's Nat'l Cowboy OS SDHF
Am CH Signature's Sound Sensation OD
Am. CH Goodtimes Ruling Passion OD
Am CH Asterling's Buster Keaton OS
AmCH Quillmark's Spring Fling CD OD
Americandream Princess Zelda
Farm Fresh A La Carte
Am. CH. Farm Fresh Wells Fargo UD MH WCX VCX OS
Farm Fresh Zachary Regan
CH Farm Fresh Twentyfour K Bunny CD SH WCX VC
Farm Fresh Rose In Bloom WC
Am-Can CH Unicois Bad Moon On The Rise CDX OS
Farm Fresh Blubery O Bridgton CD WC OD
Frontier's Starburst
Am. CH Tri Star Eat Your Heart Out SH WCX OS
Am CH Signature's Sound Barrier OS
Am CH Bulrush Great Expectations
Sunshine's Infiniti CD
Am. CH. Sunshine's Four on the Floor OS
Sunshine's Cut to The Chase

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