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Golden Retriever puppies and adults for sale

** Our full American girl ** **Our full American girl **

We named her Opal. Opal loves to retrieve and is just amazing in every way.

Weight:  80?lbs Height: 23"?


Opal is for sale for $800.00. Must be spayed. (SOLD)

She isn't able to have puppies so we are placing her.

She is two years old.


** Our full American girl ** **Our full American girl **

Dandy is absolutely beautiful!  Extremely calm and good natured.
A light golden color, very stocky, with a nice blocky head.

Weight 62lbs. Height: 20 1/2" at the shoulder.


She is $500.00. Must be spayed.

Dandy is now five.




golden retriever puppies

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Little Flower

Golden Retriever Puppies below are not for sale.
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