Margo and Nick puppies. CLICK HERE
December 7, 2017
Montana Golden Angels Princess Abigale “Abby” READ MORE…
July 25, 2017

Kisa when she was a baby

Four Year Health Guarantee

$1800.00 AKC limited reg.

Kisa and Nick had ten on June 19, 2019
Seven males and three females!

All of Kisa's puppies are spoken for!



Kisa had ten babies. What a beautiful litter!!!

All are spoken for!

What a nice mix of colors. Can't wait to see them all fat and fluffy!!!
DOB: June 19, 2019
Ready for new homes: Aug. 7, 2019

First pick male: Reserved
Second pick male: Reserved
Third pick male: Reserved
Fourth pick male: Reserved
Fifth male pick: Reserved
Sixth male pick: Reserved
Seventh male pick: Reserved

First pick female: Reserved
Second pick female: Reserved
Third pick female: Reserved



  1. Helen milgrom says:

    Hi Heidi: I’m a long-term Labrador owner. My girl is now 9 and I’m considering adding a golden to our family. We would love a medium-sized female (I’m experienced with 60-65 lbs) with a sweet loving temperament and an interest in fetching & swimming (we have a home on Lake Michigan where I can take the girls swimming daily).
    I live in chicago and wondered if you happen to offer shipping of your puppyies? Please let me know if have any litters planned for late winter or early spring 2018.

  2. Vickie Pratt says:

    Hi Heidi,
    I am looking for a Golden puppy. I lost my 11-yr-old Conner Golden this past summer to leukemia, and have been heartbroken. The house just isn’t the same without a Golden in it, so I am starting to think about another puppy. We are looking for a male, larger-size. We live in Helena, next to Mt Helena, which we hike everyday. We float rivers and fish and our dogs have been our constant companions. Are there any litters planned for this winter?

  3. Lindy & Jon says:

    Good morning Heidi,
    It’s cooling off in Colorado. We have been talking to our two dogs (Barkley, 4 yr old Golden and Cooper, 13yr old Cavalier King Charles) about their new little brother coming from King Henry and Kisa early next year. They are as excited as we are! But I would like to remind others, when making out a will for your human children, please think long and hard about your fur babies. They also need to be considered. Excited to see you again early next year.

  4. Skylar Bourdier says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a golden retriever and I was wondering how much they cost. If you could please email me thanks!

  5. dana says:

    HI! my family and i were going to by a golden for my douters birth day we have a good back yard and anouther dog

  6. Paul says:

    I just attempted to send you an email using this Comment Box. Did you by chance receive it?

    P.S. I also followed theemail up with a phone call; and I left a voice mail.

  7. Camille says:

    Hello Heidi,
    I was wondering if the puppies arrived yet? (Kisa)
    Are there any females?

  8. Val V says:

    Which of the males is still available? They’re all so sweet 💛

  9. Austin Carlson says:

    Hey Heidi, I was wondering if you had any puppies available now or would have any upcoming. We recently lost our Yellow Lab to lymphoma and thought about getting a new pup.

  10. Michael Graham Lawrence says:

    Hi Miss Heidi,

    We are delighted with King Henry’s build head and handsome good looks. We lost our Lancelot at 13 a year ago. We’re looking for a male with similar features to Henry to be brought our family home. Will he bred in (2019?. We are looking for that classic solid blocky head and build of the American Golden Retriever evident in Henry’s features. We look forward to making contact and getting on that list.

  11. Kristina fields says:


    I am interested in your third male pick. Is the price $1800 and when will they be available?

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