Little Flower’s Czar Nicholas “Nick” READ MORE…
June 2, 2018
Kisa and Nick will be bred in the Spring. CLICK HERE
August 16, 2017

A pup from Lucy and Henry's last litter.


$1800.00 AKC limited reg.

Lucy and Nick will have late summer puppies

Lucy came in heat on April 10 2019

Lucy and Nick will have some beautiful babies.

This litter will go fast so get on the list now!!!



First pick male: Available
Second pick male: Available
Third pick male: Available

First pick female: Available
Second pick female: Available
Third pick female: Available


  1. Ericka jenkins says:

    Oh they are the cutest!!!!! We cannot wait❤️

  2. Amy Klobofski says:

    I am interested in getting one of your puppies. I have a darker golden that I have trained to be a service dog for me. I am extremely interested in a female if you still have her. My other goldens have been darker and reddish, so I am wanted just a different color variation. My husband and I live in NorthCentral Mt. in the country on a little land. We have 5 dogs, My golden, then a yellow lab, a border collie, a border collie/aussie and our newest edition is a Griffon. We also have two horses and few barn cats and one very chatty parrot.
    My name is Amy Klobofski and my contact is and my phone is 399-1239

  3. Pranita Nath says:


    I am interested in a female golden retriever puppy if you still have one available. I live in Seattle and am willing to drive down to MT to come pick the puppy.
    Please let me know if you have questions for me and we can chat over phone/email.


  4. This site is absolutely fabulous!

  5. Mary Ellen Wolfe says:

    When will Lucy and Henry’s puppies be available? Are they all reserved?

    I live in Bozeman and we lost our 11 year old golden retriever to illness this summer. I am thinking seriously about a new golden puppy. We love them!

  6. Jen says:

    Hi, beautiful babies you have. I am interested in the 4th pick for a boy. Please let me know what info you need or is you could please call me. thanks Jennifer 412-403-7733

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