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Feedback From Our Adopters

Marijeanne Connolly ,Missoula

Morgan was born on September 30, 2003 and i brought him home on November 10, 2003.  He is a big boy, full of energy, and the love of my life.  He is very easy going, loves everyone, people as well as dogs. He loves to play, and if a dog is small, he will get down on his belly to get to their level. I am thrilled that he joined my family.

Jenny, Dave, Brooklyn, Brayton, Brianna & Kobe

Kobe is doing excellent....he goes to sleep around 9:30pm and gets up at 1am and goes outside and plays then goes back to sleep till around 7am and of course lots of puppy naps in between. We adore him he doesn't cry at all.....and has had only one accident in the house he is very smart. The kids have so much fun with him......the day after we got him it snowed 8 inches and boy did he have fun with that we took him and the kids sledding for a little while. I think he is very happy with us he seems right at home. And yes he gets lots of attention he is such a lovely, kind, gentle little boy we love him so very much. We can't thank you enough....for everything you and Tom are wonderful people. Thank you!


Lacey is really sweet and is adapting very well.  She was 'shy' for the first night but by the end of saturday she's starting to feel at home.  You didn't tell me she was housebroke!!!  If she can see you and whines she needs to go outside, if she whines and can't see you lol she just wants you :)  We've not had one accident.  I got her a huge pillow to sleep on, tons of toys (her favorite is a furry duck that quacks) and chews.  She has a pretty hot pink collar with a silver heart dangly.  She chooses to go into her kennel when she wants a break (doors off).  She won't come into the kitchen on her own cause of the tile floor.  We call that 'poison' lol (like the game).  I've already started training her with 'rewards' she now comes to the kissy noise.  Such a smart girl.  Thank you so very much for letting me have her,  she is loved and will be VERY spoiled.  Dale (husband) is dying to see her but won't be back for a few weeks.  Will take some pictures soon.


Hello Heidi
 Just wanted to send an update on Puppy--- "DIGBY"
He is wonderful!! Made some noise on the way home- but once the music was on--- he didn't make another peep.
He is to be Kennel trained-- per the therapy program... so Noah and family will be able to say "Home Digby" and he'll know to go to his Kennel. This will also give him a secure place to go should he need space from Noah.
The 3 dogs I have kennel trained made a lot of noise the first 3 nights--- Digby called out once-- we took him to the bathroom-- he slept the rest of the night with us.
NO ACCIDENTS!!! He's a true lover- wants to play and be by us all--- including Noah. I am a fan of anyone who can stand sitting so patiently with Noah. We have some awesome shots of them playing in the yard.
The neighbors have 3 bassett Hounds-- they were grouchy towards Digby when they saw him through the fence line--- there's about a 4 foot area where they can see onto our deck-- this morning. In true Alfa- fashion, Digby stood proud-- looked them over and Barked twice--- shut them up pretty quick. Once they disappearred he came and hid under our legs... cute!
SO thank you, thank you, thank you--- he is great! We love him already.

Teri and Ron, California

Feb. 12, 2008

Dear Tom & Heidi, Thank you for sending us a PERFECT puppy! "Luca" is 10 weeks old & is doing great. He only whined once on the first night, and has slept through the nights ever since. He has an amazing disposition; calm, well mannered & fun to play with. 'Lily' (mother) did a great job preparing him for our home. Thank you for raising such wonderful puppies!  


Tom & Heidi, Just to let you know, Jack got to the Carolinas safely, and my is he the most gorgeous dog ever! The first thing we noticed about him was how very calm he is, even as a puppy. I decided to hold Jack for our trip home from the airport, and he was much like my baby boy snuggling up to me and attempting to kiss my face. I think he took to us immediately, somehow knowing we were his family. The night was a pretty special memory for our kids, being their first trip to an airport, and full of excitement over our new puppy. I explained to them Jack would grow up with them, knowing he will be around for quite a while and maybe even seeing them off to college one day with us. Our first night went surprisingly well as we gave him free reign from his crate into a gated kitchen, but Jack chose to sleep quietly in his crate through the night. This morning there were lots of giggles and squeals from the girls playing with Jack as he definitely proved himself to be a playful pup, but he seems to always return to rest at my feet, so I think it's our little secret that he is my buddy. Thank you for such a beautiful, calm, sweet dog. I will keep you posted on his progress! Sincerely, Patricia


We have had our dog for one year now. He was a puppy of Higgins and Dream. We love the breed and when we had to put our first Golden down due to cancer, we did not hesitate to get another one. In fact, we drove to your house the day after he died. I never thought we could love a dog as much as our first Golden, but this dog has so much personality. He loves the kids and and shows us everyday just how much he loves us. He loves to ride in the car with us and runs to the car every time we get the keys. He is a joy and so smart. He is such a beautiful dog. We get so many compliments on him. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful pets. He has brought a lot of joy into our lives. Thank you, Tammy

Nicole and James

Heidi - I want to email you and your husband to let you know how in love we are with our Little Como (Dreams & Higgins August 2007 litter - puppy number 'one'). She has brought an incredible amount of joy and love into our lives. JP and I picked up Como at the Oakland airport -- she was smiling from her crate. I cried when I first saw her as I was so happy! Perhaps, this experience is like having a child because as each days passes I grow to love this little creature more and more. She has taken to 'city life' very well --- at four months she sits at each cross walk and has made a million friends at the park. We have her attending a day care with other city puppies while we are at work which she just loves. Also, Como is in a puppy kindergarten training class that JP and I take her to every week --- she is just a LOVER and wants to do everything to please us. This has made training her from house braking to the different command very easy! Thank you to you and your family from raising such incredible little ones! If you would like to add me to your list of references, I would be happy to talk with others about our incredible experience with you and your husband as well as our unbelievable girl! There are photos attached that you are welcome to use on your website. In addition, I will send you the link to our 'dog-blog' (this started as a joke because so many of our friends are having babies... and we got a dog!). If you want to pull any photos off of this, please feel free. I have a MILLION photos of her so let me know if you need more. Many thanks, Nicole & James

Jason and Dorrie Anders

Heidi and Tom, Our beautiful puppy, Parker, is now ten months old and he is absolutely perfect.   He’s amazingly well-mannered and he has had a “grumping” effect on his older brother, Duncan (as you can see from the picture, but Parker doesn’t seem to care).  He is such a calm puppy; he gets along with everyone and no one is a stranger to him.   Our pet sitter took the picture below.  We have decided to have a pet sitter for the Parker until he is a bit older and can be alone with Duncan without having to go outside during the middle of the day.  We are happy we can stop the pet sitter service by the beginning of the year. I want to start the Canine Good Citizen training with him soon.   We are very grateful we found you and your kennel and couldn’t be happier with our new family member.    We have recommended your kennel to anyone who wants a calm, well mannered, beautiful Golden.    San Antonio has been a much cooler and rainier summer than usual so Parker has not lived through the usual hot and dry San Antonio summer.   That’s good especially for his first year.   Our vet is very impressed with him as are everyone else who meets him. Thank you again! Jason and Dorrie Anders


Hi Heidi and Tom, I hope that all is well with you. I am sorry I have not been in touch sooner! I just wanted to let you know how things are going with "mack" (ashley and higgins puppy). He is amazing! He is so sweet and laid back, and he is so good looking too! He is full of puppy energy when he gets around other dogs, but for the most part he is so chill when I need for him to be. So far he has caused no problems! Thank you so much for such a wonderful dog! He is everything I was looking for and more. I am so glad that I found you. I could not have asked for a more perfect puppy. I have attached some pictures to this e-mail. I hope that you enjoy them. Thanks again!

Janet, Evelyn and Danny

Tom and Heidi – I just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing well.  She was a little restless last night, but has settled down now and is sleeping.  She ate when we got her home, and then had a little more this morning.  I took her for a short walk with my daughter and one the neighbors came out to say she was the prettiest puppy she had ever seen. (I think we’ll be getting a lot of that!!) She couldn’t believe that puppy was a golden retriever until I explained about the English cream golden. As I told Tom last night, the pictures didn’t do puppy justice.  She is absolutely beautiful, and the sweetest little girl.  She is doing great with the kids, and we are thrilled to finally have her here.  Tomorrow she has an appointment with the vet, and we’ll continue with the immunizations, etc. We promise take good care of her, and give her a good home. Thanks again for everything. Janet, Evelyn and Danny


I spent about 3 months researching the perfect Golden Retriever breeder online and came across Little Flower Goldens. A little hesitant about getting a puppy online, I conversed with Heidi many times over the phone and through emails and she patiently answered all my questions. Her responses were extremely fast and always sent me pictures whenever I requested them. I opted for a first pick female and she described the personality of the ones available. When "Ellie" arrived, she was exactly what Heidi described. Pretty, beautiful coat, big and healthy with a calm demeanor. Whenever I walk Ellie, I get surrounded by people oohing and ahhing over her. Many compliments on her beautiful coat as well as her general appearance. She is extremely friendly with people and dogs alike, and was semi-house trained when we got her. At 10 weeks of age, she already has multiple tricks under her belt and she learns very quickly. I am so happy with my choice of Little Flower Goldens and the level of care Heidi took to make the process seamless. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a Golden. Thanks you Heidi and Tom!


Feb. 12, 2014

Hi, Heidi! Hope all is well! I just wanted to email you and tell you thank you! The boys are amazing!!! I love and adore them SO much! Everyone just loves them to pieces. I get comments all the time! They are SO good it's scary. They were potty trained in two weeks! They can sit stay come lay down roll over fetch and shake. They are un leash trained and LOVE the trials! They sleep through the night and just love to snuggle. They are so well behaved and no one can believe how good they are. I was approached by a woman who who does the photos for LL Bean and REI magazine asking if she could use them as models! We can't thank you enough for blessing us with the two most awesome, beautiful and well behaved little boys on the planet! I have included some photos! I can't stop taking pictures of both of them! They just love each other and love to play wrestle! Thanks again, Heather