Your Life's Abundance Independent Field Rep.

Life's Abundance (best choice)

Why we chose Life's Abundance:

We had a terrible experience with dog food in 2018; the brand we were using was great until the company was bought out by a private equity firm, then all went downhill. All of our dogs got sick and it took 6 months to bring them back to health. We were advised for years to feed our dogs Life's Abundance. Well, we finally decided to try it and our puppies at eight weeks went from 8lbs on the old brand to 14lbs on Life's Abundance. This convinced us that this is the way to go. We are a now rep for Life's Abundance and require that all of our puppies stay on it after they leave us. 

We researched online and looked into so many brands that our heads were spinning. So many rated really high, but many ended up with serious recalls. There are so many recalls on dog food now and this is so scary. Life's Abundance has had no recalls and it is made fresh in small frequent batches to help deliver the freshest-possible product to your door so you will never need to worry. 

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